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Date Added: May 29, 2022

New ev van

New ev van

So last week we picked up our ev van🔋🔋

So allot of learning already taken part and plan for the van coming along but wanted to give a real life over view of owning a 8 year old van so far and experience.

 So we collected van from Chesham last week which is 150 miles away. Vans don’t tend to have a great range so new we had to do a min of 2-3 stops to be safe and due to not knowing vehicle didn’t want range to go to low. We got 45 miles w before we hit motor way so wanted to get to 1st services and get topped up.

1 st service station 2 charge points both in use

Was able to use slow charge but after 1.5 hours charge gave up and went to next services as my limit of 2 hours was fast approaching. 

Next services 2 chargers no one waiting 35 mins later fully charged costing of about £3 

Further 45-50 miles down the road. Another service station Leigh delamier and only one charging station😳 and 2 of us waiting. There’s a certain etiquette and these charging station and meet few people who again said the same thing about the lack of charging points

So further 1.5 hours later at this service station and we’re off again. 

Could have possible got home on this charge but don’t know this vehicle well enough so stopped of at Cardiff gate 2 charging stations both free drove up plugged in less than 20 mins away I go.

Home safe and well van that took me got home 4 hours before I did.

Bear in mind these vans are not designed to go up and down motorway there more local and that’s what this will be used for. 

So big learning curve on this van day one

1️⃣ not enough charging points in any service station

2️⃣ costa is expensive

3️⃣ planning your trip imperative 

4️⃣ make sure you have a good app to know where charging points are

5️⃣plan ahead to know that some service stations the chargers are not working so that maybe check them before you leave

Moto to story

Infer-structure far from there yet 

More updates to come

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