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Timing Belt Extra Warranty

Timing Belt Extra Warranty We use dayco timing belt kits which when fitted with us comes with  24 month or 24,000 mile warranty which covers you and your vehicle. Should any problem arise that could cause a situation of the timing belt to cause damage all costs are coved by your dayco warranty (when available)...
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Brake Parts Extra Warranty

Brake Parts Extra Warranty Apec brakes guarantee goes further to help you with  your choice on choosing the best part. Every complete axle set of matching Apec discs and pads come with a two years or 24,000 miles guarantee that if they wear out in that period they will replace them free of charge. This guarantee proves we’re confident about the Continue Reading...
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Free Steering & Suspension Check

Free Steering & Suspension Check Free steering and suspension check. We can check all components of you system and report back to you. Hearing any noise from your vehicle can be distressing and costly so keeping on top of the whole system can stop large costly bills at mot time.  ...
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